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A customized platform that will meet your needs.

Vendere Group is here to offer you the CRM solution for your needs to improve the management of your Chamber of Commerce with our simple and efficient centralized platform on Dynamics 365.

About our All-in-One Solution

Membership Acquisition and Retention

Centralized data

The system allows you to centralize all of your member and prospect data in one secure place. Therefore, our solution is designed to make it easier for your organization to accomplish day-to-day operations, such as searches or information updates, only in a few clicks.

Membership sign-ups

With ease, you can manually enter new members or link the membership process to your website. Embed membership functions on your existing website stay connected to the system allowing you to instantly have complete and up-to-date information. Additionally, the system is designed for managing a variety of member types (organizations, individuals, etc.) and pricing to keep you organized.

Automatic membership renewals

The system offers you the possibility to automate your dues renewal processes letting renewal notices to be sent by email to your actual members. Without a hitch, the member will receive by email the notice and can accept the renewal through a simple click. Once approved, the system will automatically send the invoice for payment.

Links to MailChimp

By using our CRM2MailChimp add-on, you can easily send bulk email newsletters to your members directly from MailChimp and have the information linked instantly back to their file.

Events & Activities Management

Manage events

The system is designed to handle simple to complex events allowing you to not restrain your profitable ideas. For example, you can setup a diner activity or a golfing event with a variety of ticket options (diner only, golf only, diner & golf, etc.).

Real-Time registration

You can easily enter an event registration for one or several participants by creating and editing event registration forms. You also have the option to manage registrants online by tracking the participant names and tracking no shows.

Linked to your website

The event list and registration forms can be linked online to your website allowing your members to have up to date information and to make registration process easy for them.


You can link sponsors to the events and track your sponsorship revenues.

Revenues and costs

The system allows you to track costs, sponsors and registration by generating extensive reports. From now on, you will have everything to easily track the profitability of an event.

Administrative Management

Invoices by email

Our solution will make you save time and resources. You won’t have to print and send invoices by envelopes anymore. The system will automatically produce and send invoices electronically making it easier for you and your members.

Direct integration to your accounting system

The system can also link to popular accounting packages. The invoices, member accounts and payment information are transferred seamlessly to your accounting system avoiding double entry. A true time saver.

Dashboard and indicators

Dashboarding and indicators are available throughout the system to follow what is going on in a simple way. Furthermore, you can create your own dashboards and reports to generate customized tools that will answer your exact needs.

Go Mobile

Mobile app for members

Exclusively for your members, a mobile app is included in the system with a list of all your members. The app allows them to submit changes to their membership listing and register for an event. Also, they can create special member offers and share these among themselves thus encouraging the foundation of an online community for them.

You want to have a strong management for your Chamber of Commerce?

For Chambers of Commerce, there are three primary elements that are always taken into consideration:


They are essential to the sustainability of the organization

Events and activities

They are the main source of revenue

Administrative procedures

They must be efficient in order not to waste any resources

Therefore, we strongly believe that it is important to offer a CRM solution adapted to the needs of our customers. This is why we are confident that our customized platform with CRM Dynamics 365 will allow you to improve your membership acquisition and retention process, maximize profits from your events and activities, and better manage administrative procedures.

Chambers using our services

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