It’s all about customer experience in the digital age.

Vendere helps retailers accelerate their business capabilities to deliver a unique and positive customer experience.

Industry profile

The retail sector plays a key role in bridging manufacturers, producers and consumers, and as a result has significant effects on our economy. Easy access to data and information due to disruptive social media and mobile technology have made consumers more savvy and demanding than ever before. All retail brands have something to gain from digital and direct-to-consumer opportunities.


Vendere helps retailers deliver a seamless customer experience by optimizing their business capabilities to increase profits, engage customers and enhance operations in today’s digital world.

Our experience

Who are my customers and which are the market segments generating a greater return on investment?  These are top two questions we often get from companies in the retail industry. Converting an unknown visitors to a named customer and establishing their buying pattern are the main areas where Vendere helps its customers. Whether it is through fidelity campaigns, contests or self-serve registration, you need to gain insight into each of your customers.


Linking the POS information to the customer profile allows retailers to better target and execute their marketing campaigns. Ultimately, we help our customer better analyse sales results and generate greater ROI from marketing campaigns and go-to-market activities.


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