07 Oct How SMBs Can Build their Social Media Presence to Generate Leads



First, you need to create on effective online profile for each social media platform that you have decided to use. Do not pick too many platforms. There are several social media platforms that you can use but it is better to focus your time and energy on a few platforms that match both your objectives and audience.

You may already have a personal profile on these platforms. However, we strongly suggest you build a specific profile for your business. Most social media sites allow you to include a short bio or summary of your business. Describe your business and your services in simple terms. Keep it brief but compelling, keeping in mind those customers with whom you would like to connect.


It is now time to connect with your existing and potential customers. Think communities. Most social media sites allow you to connect with targeted communities and participate by engaging with people and sharing relevant content. Keep in mind that consistent participation in critical for success. You need to actively participate to build a strong social media presence and reputation.


Social media is all about engaging with people. Like, retweet, share and comment posts to start speaking with them – not to them. Engaging with your audience, rather than limiting your social media presence to your own promotion, is key to connect with people. You must be part of the discussion.

Then, add your own content. Most experts will suggest that social media should be less about your company and more about the user base, your customers. Providing content that is relevant and useful to your existing and potential customers is key. Share industry insights, how-to content and customer success stories to connect and engage with your audience.

Happy customers lead to additional happy customers. Well executed, customer success stories and testimonials are great to generate new leads. It allows you to showcase your customers and your expertise at the same time. Word of mouth generates more than 2X the sales of paid advertising (source: McKinsey Quarterly, April 2010).


Once you have your social media profiles set up, effectively connected and engaged with your targeted audience, you might spike some interest for your expertise or services from some of your friends, followers or community members. Make it easy for potential customer to reach out to you. Use compelling call-to-actions to invite them to learn more about how you can help them.

There are many potential customers out there for you. Many of them are connecting with people and companies on the web and on social media platforms. You can quite easily deploy social media strategies to connect with and engage existing and potential clients, sharing compelling content while spreading the word about your company and the services you offer. More and more people rely on recommendations and testimonials from friends, family and colleagues to make purchase decisions. It is in your best interest to develop an engaging social media presence to identify and generate potential leads for your business.

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