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Updated: Feb 8

Membership management software, also referred to as association management software, is a type of application designed to help organizations such as clubs, non-profits and professional associations manage their members efficiently. It serves as a CRM for associations, streamlining administrative tasks, facilitating communication with members and helping maintain accurate and up-to-date member records.

In the list below, we describe 10 must-have features in any membership management solution.

Membership management software

  1. Member and account database: Stores and manages information (e.g., contact details, membership status and any relevant preferences) for members, as well as contact information for non-members who may be on your mailing list.

  2. Automation: Automates many routine tasks, reducing the workload for staff and ensuring consistency across processes and communications.

  3. Registration and renewals: Facilitates the process of membership registration and renewal. Sends out automated membership renewal reminders or, with member opt-in, automatically renews memberships before they expire.

  4. Event management and ticketing: Helps organize and manage events, tracks attendance and allows participants to register and pay for events online.

  5. Billing and payment processing: Automatically generates and sends out invoices for membership fees, event registrations and other transactions, and processes online payments securely and conveniently.

  6. Integration with accounting software: Integrates with accounting software systems, so that information entered in one system (e.g., new customer profile, record of payment) is transferred automatically to the other.

  7. API: Facilitates integration of components of the membership management software into an organization’s website.

  8. Committee management: Allows members to sign up for committees and other groups. Facilitates document sharing and communication between group members.

  9. Reporting and analytics: Provides tools for generating reports and visualizing data related to membership trends, sales and other relevant metrics.

  10. Mobile app: Allows members to access the member directory, sign up for events, read announcements.

Different membership management software options are available, offering a variety of additional, advanced features. However, not all of these will be useful to your association, so why pay for features you don’t need?

At Vendere Group, we’ve developed a powerful membership management software called Membri 365. In addition to offering all 10 key features described above, it allows you to cherry-pick the additional modules you need! Here are six optional features that can be added to Membri 365:

Membership management software

  • Mailchimp integration

  • WordPress extension

  • Member portal

  • Lead management

  • Membership credits

  • Multi-system accounting mode

Why use membership management software rather than a traditional CRM?

Membership management software

While both membership management software and conventional CRMs help organizations manage relationships, the key distinction lies in their primary focus and the specific needs of the organizations they serve. CRM software is more generalized and business-oriented, while membership management software is designed to focus on memberships and community engagement.

Here are five reasons a membership management solution may be just what your association needs:

  1. Membership registration and dues management feature: Associations generally rely on membership registrations and dues. Unlike most CRMs, membership management software has payment features, automated reminders and follow-up tools.

  2. Can be tailored to different organizational structures: The organizational structures of associations differ significantly from the private sector. Membership management software is able to handle member categories, volunteers, committees and varied governance structures better than most CRMs.

  3. Better suited to non-profits: Membership management software has features that make it possible to keep volunteers, grants, donations and fundraising campaigns organized and running smoothly.

  4. Regulatory compliance: Professional associations can be subject to regulations on financial reporting, transparency and governance. Membership management software has features that help associations respect these requirements.

  5. Customized workflow: Associations typically have unique workflows that don’t align with traditional sales models. Membership management software is generally more flexible than CRMs in allowing workflow customization.

Whether you opt for membership management software or a traditional CRM will depend on your organization’s needs and how well each type of software is able to handle them.

Why Membri 365?

Membership management software

Membri 365 membership management software was developed specifically for the needs of associations. Built in the Microsoft ecosystem using Power Apps, it has many advantages, especially if your association already uses Microsoft products. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Interoperability with Microsoft applications: Membri 365 works seamlessly with other Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Office, Teams and SharePoint, facilitating data sharing and streamlining workflows. Users are even able to access Membri 365 directly from these other applications.

  • Security and compliance: Microsoft has robust security measures and compliance standards, meaning that Membri 365 also meets strict security and regulatory requirements. Additionally, data processed by Membri 365 is stored in Microsoft’s secure cloud environment.

  • Regular, automatic updates: Microsoft continually releases updates to its tools and services, which means that Membri 365 benefits from the latest Microsoft developments as soon as they come out.

  • Scalability: Solutions built in the Microsoft environment are easily scalable, meaning that your association can grow without having to make major changes to software infrastructure.

  • Familiar interface: Membri 365 uses the familiar interface of all Microsoft applications, thus reducing learning time and accelerating buy-in for your association’s staff.

  • Technical support: Our developers have ready access to Microsoft’s large and active developer community, which can provide support if challenges arise during the development process.


Membri 365 for your association

Have you been searching for the right membership management solution? Make an appointment with one of our experts to discuss how Membri 365 can help your association grow and thrive. Let us can provide you with a solution that fits you to a T!

Membership management software


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