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Microsoft Economic Development Centers

Our economic development centers management solution

A single, tailer-made economic development CRM management tool to centralize your data and your processes.                        

Powered by Microsoft 365 for economic development centers 

This solution developed on Microsoft 365 dewas designed for managers working in community and economic development centers. 

Economic development centers

A holistic approach to manging economic development centers initiatives

This state-of-the-art management solution is built on Power Apps and fully intregrated into Microsoft Cloud ecosystem.

Economic Development Centers contacts management

Account management

Our compprehensive economic development CRM allows you to manage and update standard account and contact information, along  with more specialized details such as stage of development and industry codes (NAICS, EAC, etc.), and an overview of activities, projects and funding requests. You can also use group features to send emails or manage subcommittees.

  • Manage accounts

  • Manage key contacts

  • Create groups

  • Create subcommittees

  • Integrate with MailChimp

Economic Development Centers project management

Project management

Use our economic development CRM for business to monitor project requests from internal or external sources, coordinate with the units involved in the project, stay within the budgeted time and document the various taks undertaken throughout the project.

  • Track requests

  • Manage units assigned to the project

  • Track time and generate reports

  • Report on project tasks    

Economic Development Centers funding requests

Management of funding requests

Never wonder about the status of funding requests again! You can use this economic development management solution to follow up on funding requests and instantly confirm the status, amount and source of funding.

  • Track incoming requests and request status

  • Monitor funding status

Economic Development Centers activity tracking

Activity tracking and management

The economic development management solution lets you create new activities, monitor those in progress and refer back to past activities (Tasks, notes, meetings, calls and emails for each account or contact) all-in-one central location. 

  • Manage existing activities

  • Create new activities

  • Track activities

  • View past activities

  • Manage accounts and contacts

Economic Development Centers Mentoring management

Mentoring management

This specialized solution for community and economic development centers makes it possible to track and manage a mentor-mentee relationship, from the trial period all the way through to wrap-up, and report on the results after the relationship has come to an end.

  • Mange the mentor-mentee relationship

  • Advance through each stages of the relationship

  • Viwe a post-mentoring analysis

Economic Development Centers reporting management

Reporting management

This functionality will allow you to categorize activities by time spent and charge them to an account, project, department and/or type of activity. The corresponding accounting is done automatically and can be quickly compiled into an Excel spreadsheet containing pre-programmed pivot tables.

  • Categorize taks

  • Issue Excel reports

  • Cross-tabulate data        

Would you like to attend a demo?

A few of the economic development centers that use our CRM services or Microsoft Cloud business management tools

We look forward to sharing the benefits of this expertise with you.

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