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Our member management software adapted to the needs of associations.

Save some precious time with our CRM for associations ! 

Our mission is to simplify your life by offering you a membership management software adapted to improve and optimize your business processes.


  • Chambers of commerce

  • Professional colleges

  • Professional associations

  • Business associations

  • NPOs    

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Automate your tasks with Membri 365, a cloud-based software on Microsoft Cloud. A NPOs management solution that has proven itself and continues to evolve according to your needs.

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Membri 365 offers an all-in-one solution for association management 

Save a lot of  time, reduce operating costs, and grow your organization faster by focusing on the tasks that matter to you .

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Membership Management 

Our association management software allows you to centralize all your member and prospect data in one secure location. With just a few clicks, you will be able to easily search and update the required information in your database. Our solution is designed to provide you with the most accurate data, as quickly as possible.

  • Centralize data 

  • Automatically enroll members into the system 

  • Automatic renewal of memberships 

  • Integration with MailChimp

Activity and event management

Our system is designed to manage simple to complex events, allowing you to implement your most profitable ideas. For example, you can organize a fundraising dinner and a golf tournament on the same day while offering different options to your members when purchasing tickets.

  • Event management 

  • Real time registration 

  • Integration to your website 

  • Management of sponsors and partners 

  • Revenue and cost management      

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Administrative Management

Our solution allows you to save time and resources. The system automatically produces and sends invoices by email to simplify everyone's daily life. It can also be linked to popular accounting software. New member information, invoices, credits  and payment informations are seamlessly transferred to your accounting system. 

  • Invoices by email 

  • Integration with your accounting system 

  • Dashboards and indicators

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Mobile application

Keep a direct link with your members! The two go hand in hand! In synergy with Membri, we have created a mobile application that allows you to reach and connect with your members. Designed to meet the needs of your members, it allows them to submit changes and register for an event, among other things. In addition, your members can generate inter-member promotional offers, creating a true online community.

  • Exclusive offers 

  • Events calendar 

  • Member Directory 

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Solutions powered by PowerApps

Membri 365+ offers a solution for the administrative management of professional orders

In addition to the basic membership management system, we have developed and adapted modules,  such as continuing education, deontology, and inspection,  that specifically meet your needs. Save time and make faster progress on your administrative tasks.

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Register and roster

Membri 365+ allows you to automatically manage memberships and admissions of member and non-member accounts and contacts and the roster of members in good standing. 

  • Registrar and the Order’s membership roll

  • Automatic renewal of members in good standing 

  • Admission process 

  • Centralization of data

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Training Management

This module allows you to closely manage the follow-up of your members' continuing education and attestations to carry out an efficient control of competencies.

  • Continuing Education 

  • Certification 

  • Participation 

  • Competency management

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Complaints management and ethics

Our member management solution will allow you to create a disciplinary file from scratch or convert an incoming public request (complaint). You will be able to follow the entire investigation process, from the complaint to the outcome. In addition, it will be linked to the registry module to indicate any disciplinary action including expulsion or restriction of the investigated member's right to practice, all of which can be integrated to your website.

  • Office of the Trustee 

  • Complaint process 

  • Code of ethics

  • Rules of the profession       

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Management of investigations and inspections

This part of our application has been designed to manage different inspection procedures including both physical and self-inspection allowing you to ensure a rigorous control of the practice of the profession.

  • Control of the practice of the profession

  • Physical inspection

  • Self-inspection       

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Solution powered by PowerApps

Member management dashboard
Member management dashboard
Member management dashboard
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