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Our economic development centers management solution

Use a single management tool! Centralize your data and manage all your processes with our tailored CRM.                        

A Microsoft Cloud solution

This package was designed for managers working in the economic development, of their community. 



We offer a complete economic development management solution

Our management solution is fully integrated with the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, powered by Power Apps. 

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Account and contact management

Our complete economic development CRM allows you to manage the update of the company file, i.e., the management of the company's stage of development, its NAICS, CAE or custom codes, the global view of its activities, projects, and financing requests. As well as the management of contact groups to send emails or to manage sub-committees.

  • Account Management

  • Contacts

  • Contact groups

  • Sub-committees

  • Possibility of integration with MailChimp

Project management

With our CRM for business management, the follow-up of internal ou external project requests, the management of the department related to the project and the time budget for the project and the history of interventions related to the project will be done easily.

  • Follow-up of requests

  • Departments linked to the project

  • Time allocation, history

  • Interventions         

Management of funding requests icon

Management of funding requests

It will be possible to follow up on funding requests as well as the status, amount and source of funding using our management solution. 

  • Requests, Status

  • Funding

  • Interface with accounting system possible        

Loan management icon

Loan management

It is also possible to add to our management solution the Prestito loan management module, which can be fully integrated to the proposed solution. This module is optional.

  • Approvals

  • Borrowers

  • Loan management and its components

  • Payment management

  • Dashboards and reports           

Management and activities follow-up icon

Management and follow-up of activities

The creation, follow-ups, and history of activities such as tasks, notes, meetings, calls or emails for an account or a contact will be done within our economic development management solution. The goal is to centralize your data and operations in one place.

  • Activities

  • Creation

  • Follow-ups

  • History

  • Accounts and contacts

Mentoring management icon

Mentoring management

One of the interesting functionalities of our specialized solution for economique development centers is to allow the relationship between a mentor and a mentee over a given period. To follow the different stages of the relationship (trial period, ongoing or completed) and finally report on the results of this activity.

  • Mentor and mentee relationship

  • Stages of the relationship

  • Results of the activity  

  • Directory of members

Management of reporting icon

Management of reporting

This functionality, developed for you, will allow you to categorize the interventions, the time spent by activity, and charge them to an account, project, department and/or type of activity. The accounting is done automatically between the interventions and the appointments allowing the production of Excel reports in fast and detailed cross tables.

  • Categorization of interventions

  • Excel reports

  • Cross tabulations          

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