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Our loan manager system tailored for you and your needs. 

Reduce the risk of errors with our loan management application! 

Our goal with this solution is for you to optimize the follow-up of repayments without worries.


  • Organizations

  • Associations 

  • Economic Development Centers


Prestito offers an all-in-one Microsoft Cloud solution to automate loan management for all types of lenders

Our loan system is fully integrated with the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem, built on Dynamic 365 and Power Apps.

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Management of the approval process

Our loan management automation solution allows you to apply a four-step approval process. The application, the evaluation, the loan in progress and the disbursed amount(s). Simple, efficient, and accurate!

  • Application 

  • Evaluation

  • In progress 

  • Disbursement        

Borrower management icon

Borrower management

Our system allows you to manage contacts, borrowers, co-borrowers, and guarantors as well as accounts and financing companies. Loans are linked to accounts and contacts.

  • Borrowers 

  • Co-borrowers 

  • Guarantors

  • Financing companies

Rate calculator icon

Management of the loan and its components 

With our loan solution, multiple loan configurations are possible. You can perform a basic parameterization of the application via a parameter table to configure the loan by adjusting the rate, term, amortization, frequency of interest calculation. The system will  generate the payment schedule.

  • Loan rate 

  • Term 

  • Amortization

  • Calculation frequency

  • Payment schedule  

Dashboard report icon

Dashboards and reports 

With Prestito, you will find several dashboards presenting a summary of activities and results, broken down by process.  It is also possible to program different reports related to your performance indicators and KPIs.

  • Dashboards and indicators 

  • Various follow-ups 

  • Customized reports

Money management icon

Payment management

With our loan management application, it is possible to apply single or batch treatments on the payment grid, and, to apply special treatments.

  • Single processing 

  • Batch processing 

  • Special processing  

Process automation icon
Security icon

Process automation

 To ensure optimal process management, our system allows you to create automated email warnings and reminders. In addition, you will have the possibility to adjust the email templates according to your standards.


  • Configurable email templates 

  • Warnings 

  • Reminders  

Security role management

 Prestito, gives you the ability to create and adjust security roles for better user control.


  • Roles

  • Security Roles  

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