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Membri 365, Version 3.0: THE CRM for associations

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

More Functional Than Ever for Your Association!

Ever since we launched Membri 365, our state-of-the-art membership and event management solution, we have never stopped looking for ways to make sure it meets the needs of today’s associations and non-profits. The various features we have rolled out are sure to save you time, energy and money when it comes to managing members, activities, sponsorships, donations, accounts, contacts and more.

Association, membri 365, association crm

In recent months, we have been busy developing a whole new set of features to make this CRM solution even better. Here are a few that your association is bound to appreciate.

New ticketing interface of our CRM for associations

Membri 365’s online ticketing solution now looks and performs more efficiently than ever! The revamped interface is sleeker and more intuitive, making for a better overall user experience.

Association, membri 365, association crm

That’s right! You can now provide people with a promo code they can enter during the event registration process to take advantage of special pricing.

The new ticketing interface is so user-friendly that we actually recommend you use it for any manual entries you have to make as an administrator. You can still do so straight from the CRM system, but the process is more organic and streamlined in administrator mode.

When you’re in administrator mode, you can answer event-related questions during the manual registration process and enter notes about a participant’s account. You can also finalize a participant’s registration by issuing an invoice straight from administrator mode or prompting them to pay online through the payment platform.

Membri 365 now lets you create groups of participants (also referred to as “tables”) and assign participants to each group. In other words, you can set up foursomes for a golf tournament or determine who will be sitting at your table of honour — and all straight from your CRM system. No more typing (and retyping) names into a separate Excel sheet!

Association, membri 365, association crm

Membri 365 already lets you control which types of members or subscribers have access to certain kinds of tickets. But what if you could limit access to a ticket to a specific subset of contacts or accounts that you have created? Well, now you can! All you have to do is build your subset (or “view”), save it and apply it!

Using filters to view certain types of accounts or contacts is easy. But what if they people you want to select don’t already have something in common in your membership database? That’s where labels come in handy. Create a new label to quickly and easily generate a list of individuals who share an area of expertise, for example, or a field of interest. With one click, you can see everyone you have tagged with that label.

Private ticketing and labels are great for businesses and contacts that are already in your CRM application. But what if you want to invite other people who aren’t in your database? Creating “secret” tickets will let you send a specific URL to people who follow you on social media, for example, or to student groups. You can also use this feature to create a complimentary ticket and send the corresponding URL to your partners so they can sign up free of charge.

Speaking of URLs, you now have the option of adding a link to your email ticket confirmation that can be used to update the names or contact information of participants, even after their payment has gone through. Adjustments can be made at any time leading up the event, or you can program an expiry date to avoid changes being made past a certain point.

You can now create email confirmations and reminders specific to each of your events and tailor the content accordingly.

Association, membri 365, association crm

We have also made it simpler for you to create and update your custom emails without leaving the Membri 365 environment. No more HTML editing required! Keeping in regular touch with your members has never been so easy.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to watch for future blog posts about other new features coming soon to Membri 365.

Think that our CRM system could help your association or non-profit run more smoothly? Well, you’re right!

We are experts in developing innovative technologies made specifically to meet the needs of associations, chambers of commerce and other non-profit organizations.


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