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5 Things a CRM for Associations Can Do for Your Organization

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Let's talk about the benefits!

There are several benefits to using a CRM for associations, chief among them the fact that they have been developed specifically as an association management system (AMS) rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all CRM solution.

A CRM for associations like Membri 365 will save you precious time by automating recurring administrative tasks and keeping all your membership . You’ll then be free to reinvest that time where it counts: in member engagement and support.

What makes the Membri 365 member management CRM for associations different?

The Membri member management solution was developed by Vendere Group using the Microsoft 365 Power Apps platform. We leveraged our extensive expertise in customer relationship management (CRM) to make Membri 365 a powerful tool for organizations whose main revenue stream comes from membership dues and event fees.

Membri 365 gives associations and organizations of all sizes a comprehensive member management toolbox to administer:

  • Member accounts

  • Memberships and enrolments

  • Events and activities

Invoicing features are incorporated directly into each of the modules. In addition to the functions developed specifically for associations, the Membri 365 platform delivers a comprehensive array of traditional CRM functions, including:

  • Customer success management

  • Automated messages with a personal touch

  • Sales processes (lead generation/prospecting, conversion, closing, etc.)

CRM for associations

Member management software: The key to your association’s growth and success!

1. You’ll be amazed at how much time a solution like Membri 365 can actually save you. The task automation features mean you can issue hundreds of invoices in a matter of minutes. Plus, many Membri 365 modules come with automatic reminders and programmable tasks, so you can stay focused on your organization’s true priorities.

2. Data centralization is another advantage you’re sure to appreciate. No more Excel files floating around in multiple versions or getting lost in someone’s inbox. You’ll have one central database for everyone in your organization, with a clear set of procedures to guide you in their use. Membri 365 manages each company and account that interacts with your organization through a membership or event registration profile. The potential for simplifying and streamlining your operations is virtually infinite. Try it and you’ll see: Membri’s central database can handle multiple projects with ease and make your day-to-day management more efficient and effective than ever.

CRM for associations

3. Sure, there are other membership management products on the market, but Membri 365 stands above them all for its flexibility and ease of use. The Power Apps development platform makes it possible to build fully customized components in a snap to meet an organization’s specific needs. Membri 365 is also compatible with a number of external, market-leading accounting, direct mail and other integrations and is constantly expanding its integration portfolio.

4. So why choose Membri 365? The answer is an easy one for Vendere Group: it all comes down to the people behind the software. Vendere’s team of passionate, make-it-happen professionals make all the difference, going the extra mile to develop new integrations, provide best-in-class after-sales service and continuously improve on their technology. Forging strong, collaborative relationships with each and every client is a top priority for everyone at Vendere. They are here to:

  • Address clients’ enquiries and resolve any issues that may arise in a timely way

  • Incorporate options into the Membri 365 member management system to improve user functionality

  • Develop customized procedures.

5. And that’s not all! Because Membri 365 is built in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, there’s even more added value for your organization:

CRM for associations

  • The possibility of integrations with other Microsoft 365 applications

  • The security, reliability and anytime-anywhere accessibility of the cloud

  • The peace of mind knowing hundreds of Microsoft 365 specialists are available to make adjustments to the system as needed

  • The power of state-of-the-art technology and ongoing innovation.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with our team, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know how we can make your association run smoother than ever before.


Vendere Group: A team dedicated to improving your association’s performance, productivity, and partnership with your members!

Our specialists will put their expertise to work for you, with innovative solutions tailored to your individual needs. Let Vendere Group take your association to new heights.

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