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Mathieu Gentilcore takes over as CEO of Vendere Group

Updated: Feb 1

The Vendere Group is pleased to announce the nomination of Mr. Mathieu Gentilcore to the position of CEO.


Mathieu will shine as an ambassador for the Vendere Group, cultivating profitable relationships with our partners, customers, and future employees. His role will be to catalyze new partnerships while maintaining exceptional service for our existing customers.

Mathieu's nomination to this position is a natural extension of his career path and fits perfectly with the company's evolutionary trajectory towards new horizons. Mathieu's dynamic skills, as well as his strong interest in all aspects of sales and marketing, represent significant assets for the long-term future of the Vendere Group.

This appointment as CEO marks the final phase of the succession plan implemented within our organization since 2019. The main objective was to ensure a seamless continuity and a smooth transition at the helm of the company, anticipating the gradual withdrawal of the founding president, Mr. Anthony Gentilcore. The latter will now assume the role of executive advisor, thus contributing to the strategic evolution of our company.

Mathieu holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and software engineering from UQAM and has many years' experiences as a senior consultant and solution architect since he joined the company in 2015. His commitment to the company's development will be reflected in the judicious application of his skills, knowledge, and experience to the benefit of our dynamic team and our customers.

You will find his contact information below:

Mathieu Gentilcore

Vendere Group, Mathieu Gentilcore

Vendere Group, Mathieu Gentilcore
Mathieu Gentilcore, Vendere Group


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