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Why You Need a CRM Dashboard?

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at CRM dashboards. You will discover how starting your day with a glance at a well-set-up dashboard can help you run your association more efficiently, ensure its long-term sustainability and provide your members with a better overall experience

CRM Software: A Must-Have Tool for Associations

CRM Dashboard

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are critical for any organization that wants to improve its relationships with its customers. One of the most useful features of CRM software programs is the dashboard, which gives you a birds-eye view of your entire organization’s performance. You can set up customized visuals and dynamic lists to measure team performance and track progress made toward achieving strategic objectives. The dashboard can also send you alerts to let you know when your association is falling behind on key performance indicators (KPIs). As you can see, CRM dashboards are a powerful tool that can help you make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, and tweak operational strategies as needed. Much like the dashboard in your car, they keep you updated on your performance and alert you to potential problems.

The Importance of CRM Dashboards to Associations

One of the main goals of any association is to increase its membership. CRM dashboards can help you achieve this as well as many of your other objectives.

Understanding a CRM Dashboard

CRM dashboards display visual summaries of key figures and KPIs related to your association’s operations. With just a few clicks, you get access to a top-level view of your association’s activities.

The Benefits of Customized Visuals

Customizing your visuals allows you to extract exactly what your association needs from the raw data you have. With customized visuals, you can identify relevant trends and opportunities, and share important information effectively and impactfully.

Default Lists vs. Customized Lists

The default lists offered by CRM software solutions are a great way to help you start organizing and managing member information. That said, it is worth developing customized lists, as they can allow you to zoom in on details for a more specific area or role.

The Practical Use of Dashboards and Customized Visuals

The chief advantage of customized dashboards and visuals is that they allow you to segment data and thus measure KPIs with greater accuracy. This in turn lets you present more relevant and persuasive data to your team and other stakeholders.

CRM Dashboard Best Practices for Maximal Impact

To fully leverage the potential of a CRM dashboard, here are our recommended best practices:

  • View all sales: Keep an eye on sales opportunities, forecasts and real-time transaction updates to assess the health of your sales funnel.

  • Performance: Measure the individual and collective performance of your sales representatives to optimize productivity, celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement.

  • Lead follow-up: Manage and prioritize your prospects to maximize conversion.

  • Member service: Analyze sales trends, response times and customer satisfaction to improve the member experience.

  • Customized lists and visuals: Generate reports that are relevant to your association’s goals to help you make more informed decisions.

To set up your CRM dashboard, it is a good idea to start by clearly defining your objectives, selecting relevant performance indicators and creating customized lists and visuals tied to these indicators. To go even further, you could create two types of dashboards:

  • One that displays lists of transactions requiring action, and

  • Another that shows progress toward an objective over a given period of time.

CRM Dashboard

For an even more powerful dashboard, consider combining Power BI with Dynamics 365 for next-level visualization and data analysis capabilities.

Dashboards in Membri 365

Membri 365’s dashboards show KPIs, allowing you to quickly see a holistic view of how your organization is faring. They are a powerful tool you can deploy to help your association grow and thrive.

Default Dashboards

Membri 365’s default dashboards offer an overview of important areas and are an excellent starting point for visualizing your association’s performance. You can use them to generate management reports and essential lists for day-to-day activities. You can also filter data to create customized lists and see only what is relevant to you.

By following recommended best practices, your association can maximize the impact of its dashboards, improve operational efficiency and increase profitability.

Customized Dashboards Provide Flexibility

Membri 365’s customized dashboards provide more flexibility and functionality than the default dashboards and are better suited to the specific needs and challenges of associations and chambers of commerce. Users can quickly see an overview of daily tasks, monitor all activities tracked in the system and generate associated reports.

Membri 365’s dashboards help membership-based organizations make decisions with greater clarity, strengthen operational efficiency and ensure long-term viability.

Features and customization available in Membri 365 include:

  • Sales and registration overview to proactively manage sales opportunities.

  • Invoice and bill payment management to maintain healthy finances.

  • Visual and report generation to clearly visualize data.

  • Event registration follow-up to increase participation and engagement.

  • KPI visualization to evaluate overall performance and adjust strategy as needed.

Membri 365 helps you bring together essential data from sales pipelines, forecasts, invoices and partnership agreements, allowing you to perform in-depth analysis and make decisions based on the most relevant information.

Customized Indicators of Success

Every association has a distinct set of goals and metrics for measuring success. For this reason, Membri 365 offers you the ability to customize what data you analyze in order to generate performance indicators that are meaningful to your association.

Membri 365 ensures that all team members are on the same page

Membri 365 allows you to create dashboards based on your organization’s goals and KPIs. These customized dashboards can be shared with all your teams, which promotes increased collaboration and cohesion across the association. With transparent information sharing, all team members are able to see the impact of their individual work on the association’s collective performance.

Tips for creating customized dashboards that work for you

Before you start creating customized dashboards, you should clearly define your objectives and associated KPIs. See our resources on how to identify relevant KPIs for associations, which will help you select the most helpful indicators to include in your dashboard. Membri 365 has a large variety of default lists, but you can always create your own lists to better reflect your association’s needs.


Optimizing Your CRM Dashboard

To make your dashboard as effective as possible, it is key that you select only the most important KPIs for your association. Having too much information showing at once will make it harder for you to assess your association’s performance at a glance. Opt for simple visuals, such as bar graphs or pie charts, to help you quickly and intuitively see trends and make comparisons. With Membri 365, you can adjust the size of each dashboard widget to suit your preferences. 

The Importance of Regular Updates

Dashboards that are updated in real time or refreshed regularly are a must for informed and timely decision making. You want to be sure that you are basing your decisions on the most current information available.


Dashboard Flexibility

Since associations’ needs and priorities can change, it’s important that your dashboard be flexible as well. With Membri 365, built using Dynamics 365, you can create powerful dashboards with precise filters, lists, visuals and webpages, and modify them in a snap as your organization’s needs change.

Follow our recommendations to maximize your use of Membri 365’s customizable dashboards and transform your data into valuable insights that will lead your association to success.

CRM Dashboard

Membri 365: Revolutionizing Member Management

Are you drowning in Excel sheets in an effort to manage your membership? Consider Membri 365, an innovative and robust CRM solution powered by Microsoft 365 and Power Apps. This cloud-based membership management software is specially designed for associations that are looking to increase efficiency and improve their workflows.

Want to learn more about how Membri 365 can transform your association or chamber of commerce? Contact us now for a personalized demo and take your first step on the journey to operational excellence with Membri 365.




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