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The importance of Vendere customer service

Updated: Mar 14

"How to Maximize User Satisfaction through Exceptional Customer Service"

In the CRM software sector, top-notch customer service is a competitive advantage that helps vendors forge stronger ties with their customers, achieve ongoing growth and build brand loyalty. In this article post, we delve into the five main reasons why CRM software developers need to make customer service excellence a priority.

1. Customer satisfaction: Rapid assistance with general queries, technical issues and knowledge gaps enables clients to use CRM software efficiently and leverage its many features to build lasting relationships with the people they serve. And the happier their customers are, the more satisfied they are with their CRM software purchase.

2. Mitigating regret: Post-purchase regret is a common occurrence for customers who have selected from a large number of potential options. Providing effective support and guidance helps them confirm that they made the right choice and cements their loyalty over the longer term.

3. Brand reputation: Great customer service helps companies increase brand awareness and strengthen their reputation. Satisfied customers are more likely to positively review and recommend their purchase and the company to others.

4. Customer retention: Retaining current customers is just as important as acquiring new ones. Customers who receive ongoing guidance and support are more likely to become loyal, long-term product users and ambassadors.

5. Continuous improvement: Communicating openly with customers is a great way to get their thoughts on potential improvements to products and services. Customers’ needs change with time, and regularly receiving feedback can help companies identify emerging needs and ensure that their products and services remain relevant.

Customer service

Our team goes to great lengths to provide excellent after-sales customer service and make our clients’ lives easier. What does this mean for you?

1. Customized solutions: We know that every customer is unique. We have in-depth discussions with each of our clients to determine exactly what they need, so we can develop customized solutions that meet, and even exceed, their expectations.

During the software integration phase, we use our own CRM software — similar to Membri 365 for associations — to interact on a daily basis with our clients and help them fully harness the power of their new CRM solution. 

2. Ongoing staff training: Our commitment to customer satisfaction begins with a strong team of talented service representatives. Our employees receive ongoing training to ensure that they are up to date on our products, the latest trends and best practices. For our clients, this translates to swift responses and quick resolution of software issues.

Customer service

Here’s what 2023 looked like for us in terms of Vendere customer service:

  • 30+ customer requests for new Membri 365 features

  • 2,000+ hours of product development

  • 1,900+ support requests

  • 28 minutes on average to respond to support requests

  • 94 minutes on average to resolve issues

  • Over 50 personalized demos given by our sales team

  • 7 webinars

  • 4.9 out of 5 stars for our customer service on Capterra

3. State-of-the-art technology: We create innovative software packages built in the Microsoft 365 environment to help you optimize your member relationships. Our products are compatible with Dynamics CRM and are easy to incorporate into your organization’s workflow. Our specialists understand the ins and outs of the Microsoft 365 platform, making us a partner of choice in helping you reach your business goals.

4. We welcome your feedback: Your comments are used to continually improve our existing products and services and develop new solutions. Our team has created a number of proactive feedback tools that allow us to quickly identify areas where we can make improvements.

Customer service

We also regularly ask our clients to review us on Capterra, the best-known software review site in the world. Your suggestions help us provide excellent Vendere customer service and improve our products in order to better meet your needs. Read our blog post about the importance of reviews to our software improvement process.

When rating software providers, buyers consider the quality of the service they received from the sales team, how easily the company adapted to their needs and whether the software integrated well with the many other programs they already use.

More than half of software purchasers prefer a personalized solution such as Membri 365 to an off-the-shelf product, despite the fact that the former requires a larger up-front investment.

The advantage of Membri 365 is that, in addition to a great product, you get a Canadian service team that is easily reachable and committed to keeping you satisfied. When we say we’re dedicated to customer service excellence, we really mean it!

You can reach our Vendere customer service in a number of ways:

-        Membri 365 in action

-        Contact form customer service

-        Chat with us via our website

If you’d like to know more about our CRM solution before reaching out, be sure to read our white paper.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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