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Why us Power Apps from Microsoft 365?

Updated: Apr 2

Let's shed some light on our preferred work tool and demystify its use.

Enjoy your reading!

Power Apps, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Business Applications, Microsoft Cloud

Many people wonder what Power Apps is and why it is often the preferred platform for developing business applications. Others confuse Power Apps with Dynamics 365. Some are simply confused when discussing management applications.

What is the difference between Power Apps and Dynamics 365?

It is important to understand the differences between the two and to remember some basic information.

  • Dynamics 365 is built on the Power Apps platform.

  • Dynamics 365 groups together several business applications to perform different tasks (Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc...) responding to specific scenarios.

  • Licenses to use Dynamics 365 and its applications are expensive because they include a lot of features for specific scenarios.

The advantage of using Power Apps is to start from the base tables that is the existing data of Dataverse (database used by Power Apps) and build a revolutionary model adapted to the particularities of a specific organization. In this way, companies save on the cost of licensing the many applications in Microsoft Dynamics 366, which are not always necessary for some companies. This makes it possible to get a return on investment more quickly for a new application that is adapted to the real needs of the company and its users.

What does Power Apps offer you?

  • "Model Driven Apps" (giving a similar appearance to Dynamics 365).

  • Canvas Apps (can create a custom and unique looking application using different data sources).

  • One hundred percent database-integrated web portals.

  • Artificial intelligence tools.

  • Connectors that allow integration with many other tools (including Microsoft 365 suite).

  • The ability to create custom connectors with other devices or management mechanisms.

Power Apps, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Business Applications, Microsoft Cloud

In other words, Power Apps is a suite of applications, services, connectors, and a database created to quickly develop custom business applications for specific features.

In addition, Power Apps offers the ability to integrate with different systems and has all the tools to turn a simplistic application into an advanced solution for complex needs.

Power Apps, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Business Applications, Microsoft Cloud

These management applications are adaptable and can be used on a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone. We are talking about a multiplatform, so don't worry, they are always available.

In short, the development of management applications on Power Apps allows to optinistrative management of organizations by centralizing data and automating processes.

At Vendere, our specialty and our passion are to develop applications on the Power Apps platform. We offer several products and services that address different realities for several types of organizations.
  • Associations

  • NPOs

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Economic development centers

  • Community Futures Development Corporations

  • Financial professionals

  • SMEs and large companies

Power Apps, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Business Applications, Microsoft Cloud

Discover our products!

  • Membri 365, management application for associations and professional orders.

  • Our economic development solution, for the complete management of the administrative tasks of local development centers.


Would you like to discuss your project with one of our specialists or learn how we can help you with the Microsoft 365 Power Apps platform?

Vendere Group is a whole team behind you to meet your needs!

Experts in technology developing and proposing creative Microsoft Cloud solutions adapted to the various needs of our different customers. At Vendere, you will find expertise, listening skills and solutions to meet your various needs.


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